The Overwatch Police Department (OWPD)

It is important to know that the following pages are a community project run by the Overwatch Police Department (OWPD) and not affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment. We are not being paid for this.

The OWPD is a private Discord server with the purpose of reporting cheaters, wintraders and griefers. If you are a grandmaster+ player you can join here. It's also worth checking out their Twitter.


With cheaters being encountered on a daily basis, it's hard to determine whether someone is cheating. stats5 provides you with tools to search and report cheaters. We take reports very seriously and have a strict system in place to ensure those being marked as cheaters are with evidence beyond reasonable doubt.

We are transparent with our report system. All audits of the process are publicly available, including evidence submitted.

How to Report

Reporting a player is really simple. You will first need complete the following before being eligible:

  1. Register an account on stats5.
  2. Link your battle.net account to stats5.

You'll only have to do the above once and it only takes a few minutes. As reports are forwarded to Blizzard Entertainment, you should use the battle.net account that you were playing on when reporting.

Next, search for the account you want to report. Once you have found their profile, click on the flag as shown in the image. You will then be redirected to a report form.

Report Image